4k vs old K

4k vs old K.png

I haven’t seen a 4k monitor in person yet, but there was a 28 inch one on woot a while back for just $400, I was somewhat tempted…but then I noticed I didn’t have $00 to spend on it, much less $400.

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    Something to remember if you’re considering a 4k monitor for gaming is that multiplying the number of pixels to render by more than four (vs a 1920×1080 monitor) is a huge extra load for you graphics card and unless you’ve got a super high-end system it’s going to tank your framerates. For the amount of extra processing power it takes and the purchase cost, in my opinion you’d be better off running 3 regular monitors.


    You said, ‘huge extra load’.

    Dyon 86

    I saw an 85 inch 4K TV recently, it made my eyes bleed tears of joy.

    tiki god

    was that at a store? if so, which one?