Fantastic Four back with Marvel?


A couple sites have been reporting that there’s a new deal between Fox/Disney for the X-men movie rights, and as a part of that deal the Fantastic Four have been returned to the house of the mouse to be used in the MCU. If this is confirmed by the powers that be at Fox/Disney….good god am I excited about this possibility. Dr Doom and Silver Surfer in a Marvel Movie? Be still my geek heart!

As an aside, the Fox television series they’re talking about sound downright horrible:

Legion: the son of Charles Xavier hears voices and has mutant powers that change with the voices.

Hellfire: it’s the Hellfire Club from the comics, one of the dumbest groups of supervillians in a comic book.  Set in the 70’s or some ridiculous bullshit

I wish them the best of luck, and maybe they’ll be great, but Fox hasn’t really had a great track record when it comes to science fiction / comic book television.

EDIT: other sites are saying this is BS, so take it all as you would with internet rumors I guess.

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    I really don’t understand why the other studios won’t lease the rights to Marvel characters back to Marvel? Fox is about to get boned in a major way by Marvel, because the X-men are about to go out of print. Fox wouldn’t make a deal, so Marvel decided to stop publishing the X-Men. Kinda makes sense; why should Marvel give Fox free advertising? Instead, Marvel has begun using the Inhumans where they once used Mutants. Marvel is really good at making substitution work (Fox owns Adamantium, so Marvel just used Vibranium in its place). So, Fox is about to lose… Read more »


    Marvel are no longer publishing Fantastic Four comics, not X-Men. Because the FF are a smaller section of the Marvel Comic Universe it’s easier to phase them out, but they couldn’t do the same with the X-Men. However I believe there is a directive at Marvel *not* to introduce any new characters in the X-Men comics so Fox won’t gain the rights to them.


    We’re both right: Fantstic 4 went out of print almost a year ago. X-Men is still in print, but Marvel announced last week that they will be dropping all X-Men title in 2016.


    true. sorta. kinda.
    it doesnt mean that the members of the FF and the X-Men will not be in comics. the Uncanny Avengers features both the human torch and rogue, while the thing AND shadowcat are now members of TGOTG. storm will appear in A-Force. there will be a new title “The All New X-Men” which will feature the original 5 members from the past, stranded here in the present. the Extraordinary X-Men comes out in October, featuring the X-Men of the Ultimate Universe.
    so, its not that cut and dry. its comics. it’ll be fine.


    Yeah, don’t misunderstand me on my love for the X-Men. My dad collects graphic novels. He used the X-Men to teach me how to read. My first Halloween costume was yellow/blue Wolverine. I’m a chick, so I guess I was (in a very loose way) the first X-23. I just think that Fox and Marvel should take a table and work out a deal so that we could one day see Wolverine working beside Captain America, or Thor go up against Magneto (Fassbender owns Magneto btw). But, I’m afraid that ship has sailed, and that’s sad because it was a… Read more »


    If this is true, then its about time.
    The first FF movies was barely watchable, and its been a quick downhill slide since.

    The teen angst burns……..!

    Time to give the franchise back to the people that actually care about the property…