McKinley – Hero to the Republicans

McKinley - Hero to the Republicans.jpg

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    Alaskans wanted to change the name back to Denali when I moved there in 1970. It took a long time for it to finally happen.


    I can’t/don’t speak for millions of Republicans, but isn’t this more about obama-nero touting the renaming of a distant chunk of rock as if it were a wondrous deed, while the middle east burns, America does race war, hands the thermo-nuc keys to Iran, does nothing to oppose the nation destroying toilet swirl flooding their southern borders, numerous of his administration officials fending off investigations etc?

    tiki god

    there’s only one party talking about the official renaming and it’s the GOP. the mount has had it’s unofficial name changed back to it’s original for something like 20 years.

    nice straw men after that point though, none of those things actually happened, lol.


    Mike Turner was fun, though. Being all concerned about how McKinley’s descendants and the good people of Canton, Ohio would feel about this. Like they own the fucking mountain. I had a really good laugh the day I read that :3