Catchy Song with a small hitch

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    Yup that’s about right.


    Not liking a song because it glorifies Jesus makes about as much sense to me as not liking a song because it glorifies the devil. It’s music; if it sounds good, I like it, regardless of context. The song could be about someone cutting himself while shaving his balls and suffering a terrible infection, and I’d still like it if it sounds good.

    tiki god

    have you ever actually heard a song on the radio that earnestly was glorifying the devil? like, earnestly saying “oh devil you’re so hot, oh devil I want to spend my life in service to yoooooou”.

    heard any radio stations that are DEDICATED to devil music?


    What is this ray-dee-oh you speak of? Is it some infernal arcane contraption?

    Kidding aside, that’s a good point, also a brilliant idea. If someone were to kickstart a station dedicated to celebrating the devil and/or Cthulhu, I’d back that shit up without hesitation.

    “You’re listening to 666FM… up next we got some classic blues songs about selling your soul to the Prince of Darkness, so kick back, relax, and AVE SATANI!”

    tiki god

    Only problem I see with that is that FM radio is relegated to the 90.0 to 108 bandwidths, lol