Karen Gillan – Selfie

Karen Gillan - Selfie.jpg


those pouty lips get me every time!

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    Then you should watch Oculus, she had had them a lot there, especially in the last scene.

    tiki god

    isn’t that a horror film though? I hate horror films.

    hate’s a strong word, maybe not hate, I just don’t like them.


    Are you a god, or a pussy ?!
    And it’s not the: “body parts, blood and innards flying all over the place” kind of horror.
    Well, mostly not…

    tiki god

    I’m a god that doesn’t care to watch stupid being being tortured. the stories in most horror films are stupid and the characters are just as dumn


    Don’t really know about that. My horror experience is limited to:
    – Hellraiser,
    – Nightmare on Elm Street,
    – Prophecy,
    – Tales from the Crypt,
    and some movies here and there.