Transformers Devastation Screenshot

Transformers Devastation Screenshot.jpg


this looks so god damn beautiful, it’s like it’s pull directly from my nostalgia!

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    Here’s hoping they add DLC of the dinobots and more of the gestalt teams.

    tiki god

    who would be on the gestalt teams other than the contructicons and dinobots?

    insecticons? that’s all I can think of, unless we count the starscream jet guys.


    Well Grimlock’s in it, so hopefully we see more of the other dinobots. By gestalt teams I meant the combiners like the Combaticons, Stunticons, and Predacons. Maybe we’d get to fight them as the Autobot combiners like the Aerialbots or Protectobots.

    tiki god

    well the most recent trailer I’ve seen had the insecticons in it, so maybe there’s hope!