Jew with Machine Gun

Jew with Machine Gun.jpg


do you agree this woman is jewish?

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    Probably a Mormon.


    No I don’t, because there’s nothing that identifies her as one “beyond reasonable doubt”.


    Well there is the Hebrew writing on her shirt. And that appears to be an Israeli made X-95 she is holding. I say odds are good that she is Jewish.


    Jewish by religion? Maybe.
    Jewish by bullshit special rules that people love to pay attention to but don’t actually mean dick? Maybe.
    Is in Israel? Probably.
    Genetically from a group that’s primarily Jewish? Not at all likely.

    I’m not sure why Jewyness (I’m sure that’s a word) is something that people give a massive shit about… apparently they need to know it so as to decide whether to hate that person while knowing virtually nothing about them.


    [quote]…“beyond reasonable doubt”…[/quote]
    Just because someone has something written in some language, doesn’t mean (s)he uses that language, is a citizen of a country with that language as official.
    If it was like that, ~90% of people would be English.

    Just because someone uses some item, doesn’t mean that (s)he’s a citizen of a country that makes that item.
    If it was like that, ~99% o freedom fighters\terrorists would be Russian.

    Glad to see that WordPress “robot discrimination” bit, was just a temporary madness.


    Touché, I was lazy and didn’t use reverse image search. Nonetheless what I wrote is true. Just because someone if wearing a T-shirt in Hebrew, holding a Jewish gun, doesn’t make him\her a Jew. What makes her a Jew is following Judaism and\or being a citizen of Israel, or other requirements that they have.
    But they were times that Jews were that easily identified:
    I don’t think it’s a good idea “to go (back) there”.


    I agree that this image will flash constipate misogynists, anti-Semites, and best of all – misogynist anti-Semites so …. good!