Chris Pratt Dinosaurs Prank (SA Wardega)

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    Oh Cris Pratt! Why do you have to be married to Anna Farris, when you could have me, a complete stranger off the internet? Life is so unfair. (Incidentally, Chris is the ONLY reason to see Jurassic World. It has a very terrible script, but Pratt keeps it afloat with sheer charisma)


    Maybe you could send him some pics of yourself in a french maid uniform.
    Post them here first though.


    Saw it last night.
    Not sure that even Pratt can keep this predictable mess on the rails.
    Too bad.
    Any project that has both Pratt and D’Onofrio should be worth watching….no?

    Although it was refreshing to see that Ms. Dallas Howard hasn’t succumbed to having a nose-job.


    Jesus. Why does she need a nose job? I think her nose is adorable. I’m not getting at you Mr Sean Connery In Different Guises, it’s just the idea that she might need one to fit into some cookie cutter ideal of nasal beauty.


    She’s got a great nose.
    It’s just not the cookie cutter disney princess nose that every young starlet seems to have….or want…or get…
    My point was I was glad to see that she doesn’t feel the need for the cookie cutter disney princess look.
    She’s a good actor and pretty young woman.