Types of Government

Types of Government.png

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    Right up until someone finally succeeds in taking them from you.


    Exactly what I was thinking. But they are yours till then.


    The Socialism one is wrong. It should read; You have two cows. The government takes them from you, and gives them to someone else who refuses to (work) get cows of their own. In return, the person who receives the cows, continues to vote for the government official who took your cows away from you, and gave them the cows. The non (worker) cow owner, receives the benefit of getting cows and their by products without having to work for it. The government official gets to stay in power, and declares that “Social Justice” was done. You are told that… Read more »


    Guess which one of these we in the U.S. are currently living in.


    none of the above you fuckface
    we live in a corpracacy, ALL HAIL MONSANTO