Hulk and Black Widow having a moment

Hulk and Black Widow having a moment.jpg


I don’t think this scene actually ended up in the film, did it?

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    Whedon wanted more Black Widow/Hulk story but he had to choose between that subplot and Hawkeye’s sub plot. He chose the latter.


    She was trying to calm (lullaby) the Hulk down right before the last SHIELD “lifeboat” was about to take off. And then Ultron shows up in a stolen Quinjet and the bullets bounce off the Hulk. After QS/Hawkeye save the little kid, Hulk jumps into the back of the Quinjet and throws James Spader out the back where he came in.

    Oh for god’s sake!


    Calm down. Shit doesn’t have to get that serious.

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