The Death of Superman

The Death of Superman.jpg


i remember when all these huge earth moving events were big news.  did you guy hear superman got himself a “new earth moving” power?  yeah, he blows himself up.  seriously, go check it out.

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    settle down skippy. after Convergence it’ll be a distant memory.


    This was a straight-up cash grab from the start. DC never intended to end their flagship title.

    tiki god

    I have a couple arguments about that 1 – it’s a commercial interest, they’re in it to make money. remember, this is WarnerBrothers that we’re talking about, not some strapped for cash publication (lookin at you Charlie) 2 – from my understanding and my memory of the way it played out, they strongly indicated and made public statements that the series were still going to keep going with four alternate characters all that were ultimately either going to go away, go their own way in their own series or be revealed to be the real superman. heck, I think it… Read more »