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    Does fucking a sexbot count….or are you still a virgin after?
    I’m guessing it would be in the same category as a fleshlight….

    tiki god

    Can a robot show love?


    Sex and love aren’t the same thing.
    I feel sorry for guys who think they are.
    It’s a lonely way to go through life….


    Guys with real dolls and waifu hug-pillows are so motherfucking alpha!

    Chet Manley

    Where as dildos and vibrators are so classy.



    Well, it matters only to those, that are concerned with those types of “labels”.
    Saying to an atheist, that something is a sin.


    “help I’m being neglect raped”? Is this the straw man one has to pretend one’s opposition is to make oneself feel like you won the argument?


    Welcome to the MRA Incel mentality. Where strawman feminists pushing an imaginary agenda are why certain dudes can’t get laid.

    /seriously, losers
    //stop making shit up and pretending actual feminists believe it

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