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didn’t I see this in a movie?  a movie about gentlemen in a league?

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    This one?
    Or maybe this one?

    Surely not any movie based on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill as no such movie has ever existed I’m sure we can all agree?


    I think I remember such a movie… … …didn’t it have Janeane Garofalo as a girl with a bowling ball possessed by her dead superhero dad?


    heh, so someone else DID actually watch Mystery Men. i loved the concept of only being able to turn invisible when no one watches. that’s just genius


    It’s got a bit of a cult following.

    tiki god

    no one mentioned Mystery Men until you did, you’re making this conversation uncomfortable.


    I really liked Mystery Men, and the UK comedy group, The League Of Gentlemen, take their name from the 1960 movie.


    Mystery Men was great little flick.
    And lets face it, the only noteworthy adaptation of Alan Moore’s comic is Penny Dreadful.