Yes I’m Tall

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I’m 6’6″, and I’ve been told that I’m tall by a few people.

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    Chet Manley

    What’s with this handing people cards bullshit these days? Unless you’re a mute or non-verbal in some other way, use your words. Stop being a passive aggressive special snowflake. We live in a society.

    tiki god

    I can’t tell you how many times someone’s told me I’m tall. it’s in the same realm of how many people say “oh it must be free!” if the cash register breaks, or how many people make snarky comments to their waitresses.

    people making those comments aren’t self aware, or aren’t aware that their comments are the same exact comment that literally millions of other people are saying.


    Like Tiki Said. It is damned annoying.

    Ranks right up there with people calling 911 because in (20, 30, 60 years of life), they’ve never had to deal with a real emergency, and do not understand why I’m not in a tizzy. That their dad just needs help off the floor, and no, he is not hurt, or perhaps their mother may need stitches, but again, not a life threat. Yes she could go to here family doctor but clearly it would be negligent to trust you to drive them, as sadly they’ve raised an idiot.


    I’m only tall until the real tall people come out (6’2″) but even I get tired of the stock tall people conversations. I can totally see how someone at 6’8″ would feel. I think, in America anyway, it stems from our cultural inclination that silence is awkward and something to be filled with verbal white noise.

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