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    They are likely allowed to stop for lunch. Kudos to them for defying PC wienies and optics.


    Kudos for them…?
    If you want over priced crappy food served by butterfaced big busted waitresses who you’ll never ever see naked anyway….?
    Then by all means…eat at hooters.

    But there are better places to eat…and better places to see strippers.


    Yup. Kudos to them. They do real stuff … and defend the nation. You on the other hand are a liberal and now a what? .. A connoisseur? A bon vivant? Or maybe just a superfluous stylista .. who defends … some silly metric based on having allegedly discovered some place where the waitresses’s and/or strippers are better skilled at concealing their revulsion when you walk in than they are at Hooters. But hey … dining and stripping seem to go together in your experience so I’m sure you know all about class. (that was sarcasm)
    The guys from the LAV likely have enjoyed some awesome meals, eaten with hands made dirty by terrain and gun oil, food cold from a pouch or a box, maybe in the pissing rain, maybe in Afghanistan … but nonetheless often in damn fine company. You in contrast are in all likelihood going to be dining with people like you.


    I was merely commenting on their choice of establishment…

    That’s a lot of misplaced righteous anger.
    Are you sure you should be handling firearms…?


    “I was merely commenting … “. Disingenuous bullshit. Its greatest recommendation to them might have been its location on their assigned route.
    I’m not sure which is your oft demonstrated biggest fail … self awareness, or your reading “comprehension”. Someone who viciously describes all employees of Hooters as “butterface”, and is oddly averse to the statistical improbability that they are all “big-busted” (misogyny?) talking about “anger”? Your frequent fishing for my personal information is comical to watch and you should be aware will be apparent to others as well. eg. Where have I ever suggested that I own or have access to firearms? You should be able to address “comments” on their own without the avoidance and deflection shown by a need for personal info. That would be like me speculating on the underlying reason for your hostility toward soldiers and Hooters and attributing it without substantiation to the possibility that an ex-GF? .. a family member? still works there.


    Your paranoid analysis of non-existent subtext is entirely a figment of your imagination.

    I worry about your tenuous grasp on reality, but whatever floats your boat….


    Your pretentious, pretend-analysis seems to be just an assertion devoid of substantiation.(avoidance? … again)
    If “whatever floats your boat” was true you likely wouldn’t have been heard from on this topic. (again – somewhat disingenuous)
    If you really want to worry about something – worry somebody will read all this.


    You are so hurt.
    I said the place sucked and you went ideologically ballistic, ass-hole personal, and I few other things I can’t even begin to describe.

    Seriously…reread your posts.
    There’s some serious anger there.

    Serious anger over a restaurant that gets away with selling crappy food because they hire bit titted waitresses.

    Get a grip there fella.


    I said kudos to the troopies and you went “ideologically ballistic” on Hooters which at the beginning was apropos of nothing. “reread your posts” that is damn good advice! Why don’t you take it? As in “there’s some serious anger there.” Then you go on to say IMMEDIATELY after: “Serious anger over a restaurant …” The anger is yours apparently. Remember? Can you grasp what you just wrote? I’m the one who is okay with Hooters. And big tits. Maybe if you drew yourself a diagram? I’m not hurt because you said so. And I’m not angry. I’m having a good time with this.


    Incorrect sir.
    Please reread my reply.
    Entirely focused on the bad food served by a restaurant staffed by large breasted women.

    And every subsequent post explaining to you that your tirades against “liberals” and some paranoid fear of being stalked are not the subject at hand, and may indicate some kind of perceptual problem on your part.

    None of which were typed in capital letters….


    Dude ..you gotta quit using your bum as an idea palette. The first “tirade” (anger.. hurt?) in this thread was you on Hooters. The only thing I wrote (after) that looks like tirade was aimed at you. For this and previous threads. Where in any of this is any suggestion of fear on my part or belief that I am being stalked? Is that one of those “non-existent subtext”s you spoke of? And are you really going to make a thing of capitalizing one word? That sounds desperate. It was an act of courtesy – like clearing one’s throat when a blind person enters the room. Emphasis for the comprehension impaired.
    From the beginning … Hooters might have been the only restaurant on their allowed route. They had the courage to defy optics and stopped in there. Or maybe they just broke down there and are waiting for recovery. If Hooters is as bad as you say it is why does the chain keep expanding? Why do people go there? Your statement that the place is unsatisfactory because one won’t likely see the waitresses naked is startling to say the least. Have you really narrowed down your dining choices to places where the waitresses will show you their kit? Another one of your factually troublesome observations is the suggestion that one could/would go to Hooters to see strippers. The odds are probably greater of seeing them at Denny’s when they finish their shift … perhaps at one of your fine dining venues?


    Again….my only comment was about crappy food and large breasted women.
    Go read it.
    And then your panties exploded.
    Go read your reply.
    I’ve read that those with anger management problems often don’t even realize they have a problem.
    I hope that’s not the case with you.

    So do you want to continue playing the last word game…?
    Go ahead and take it.
    Or leave it to me.


    “then your panties exploded” is a good example of your (somewhat gutless) oblique slam technique as demonstrated in other threads. Then …”whoa … where’d the anger come from?” I guess that has worked for you?
    So you are opposed to, or repelled by noticeable or significant female secondary sexual characteristics. (variously described as “big busted”, “bit (sic) titted”, “large breasted” etc) Hmm. Yet you seem to imply that of the 2 of us, you are the one wearing men’s underwear. Or am I making an incorrect assumption? You assume that what you wear is universal?
    I don’t have the need to control, so I won’t presume to tell anyone whether they can or cannot have the last word. But if you keep packing in agenda items, they’re going to be addressed.
    Your move.

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