Will You Wait Wut

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    Yet another reason to tell DeBeers to go fuck themselves. See, they’re now telling you to blow THREE months salary on that ring, and humanity has reached a point where the snatchers have no problem ruining the big moment just to get a ring that they’ll only be able to get half what was paid IF THEY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING. Which they probably don’t, if they’re snatching diamonds on the street. That ring was sold to a pawn shop for $300.


    I gave my wife my Grandmothers engagement ring.
    And bought wedding bands that were very close in style at an estates jeweler.
    Much less money and much more interesting than “I paid 3 months salary” crap.

    We also had our wedding catered in my parent’s backyard…but we “forgot” to tell the caterer it was a wedding.
    Their wedding rate was more than twice what we paid for the same meal that wasn’t the “Wedding Special”.
    The look on the guys face when he found out it was a wedding was priceless.


    Step 1: Buy expensive ass engagement ring.
    Step 2: Insure expensive ass engagement ring.
    Step 3: Set up fake expensive ass engagement ring theft in front of beau coup witnesses.
    Step 4: Use video of theft along with eyewitness testimony to collect insurance payout.
    Step 5: Profit!


    Faaaake. If it were real, the proposee chick would be laser-locked on the dude who grabbed it.

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