The Movies of Marvel

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    Am I the only comic fan who wants to see an attempt at a decent Moon Knight film? The source material is pretty great and he has been in some memorable cross overs. Not to mention that his tech is just as cool as Batman’s. Thoughts?


    I’m just stoked about The Inhumans.
    Here’s hoping Marvel keeps up the quality in the rest of their films.


    Actually, I can see that working, especially if they go with the direction of the current series with a noir-esque visual approach coupled with some kitchy old James Bond shenanigans and a good measure of snarky humor. Oh wait, that sounds more like a Fantomex movie. Still, I approve of the idea of a Moon Knight movie. Would watch on opening day.


    I would *love* a Fantomex movie. Just go completely bonkers with it and have a Marvel/Danger Diabolik spy movie. Although I imagine Fantomex is possibly maybe owned by Sony at the moment?


    Fox, I think. He’s technically a mutant… sort of? Kind of? Maybe? In any case, he’s an X-character, so yeah, Fox would have the rights to him now.


    Oh yeah, Fox. Sorry, you’re right.

    tiki god

    too close to batman for legal standing I think.


    Missing from this list are the planned Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Defenders Netflix series that will follow Daredevil, but I guess that’s because they don’t have official logos yet?

    tiki god

    Likely so

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