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    i clearly have a affinity for the elements. (just look at my avatar) (ha! “avatar”. irony.) what i cant understand is why an “Avatar” can make rocks fly. i mean, i know they can control earth, but why can they make it fly? dirt doesnt fly. it can rise up, roll, sink, shake ect, but it cant fly. they can make water turn to ice, because ice is still water, i get that, but making earth fly would be like making water burn. water cant burn. (unless theres petrol on it or something) does this make sense to anyone else?… Read more »


    benders in the Avatar series can all levitate their element… Sure only makes sense for airbenders, but thems the brakes…why can’t firebenders make ice when ice is created by transposing thermal energy from one point to another?


    because energy is in the catagory of fire. why would a fire bender be able to do anything at all to water? this series aside, (i dont know much about it) fire is clearly the most powerful element. fire is energy, so these “benders” should be able to control all energy. sound, light, magnetism, gravity, vibration, electricity ect. idk. just my thoughts.


    Well the setting of the series is quite eastern, working with spiritual energy and so on. The waterbenders originate from a inuit kind of society. Airbenders resemble the tibetan monks and teachings. Earthbender culture seems to resemble chinese or vietnamese. Firebenders most likely japanes with the hairknots and honor caste etc.


    As for the elements, the setting of the first series takes place in a pre-industrialized world. So the knowledge of the forces in the universe is somewhat limited. A blind earthbender who sees a senses it’s surroundings through contact and producing vibrations through the earth discovers metalbending due to said discipline apart from earthbender with sight. This scene will speak for itself bout regarding lightning An imprisoned waterbender learned over the years at every full moon that all life contains water, so the liquid within organic beings can also be bended, giving birth to the controversial bloodbending. Airbending doesnt… Read more »


    wow. thanks man. i think that was the most serious, informative, non-sarcastic answer ive ever received here. love the water/blood thing. thank you.


    I’d say give it a go, be sure to go with Avatar: The last airbender (the legend of korra is crap tbh) If you wanna get to the good stuff skip to book 3

    Take note it’s a nickelodeon cartoonseries, so the violence is limited, but the story and humor is solid in the first series