Hope & Change

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    I don’t understand the hatred (if that’s what it is, and not satire). Sure, it’s easier to hate people that we turn into two-dimensional caricatures, but at the end, aren’t we all humans? Wouldn’t it be better to empathize with your fellow man rather than demonize them? Instead of making fun of people with divergent viewpoints, like making captions saying “capitalism sucks”, perhaps try and understand their viewpoints? Worst-case scenario, you’ll have better, less alienating arguments. Thoughts?

    Chet Manley

    What’s there to understand? They claim to oppose capitalism with their words, while fully supporting and reinforcing it with their actions. Which is why they get made fun of so much.


    Oh, it’s Satire. Laced with a Bitter Dose of Reality. Pull up the Pictures and Video Coverage of the OWS “Protests”, I’ll wait. Notice all the Name Brand Clothing being worn, especially the Shoes. You might pick up Name Brand Clothing at a Goodwill or Salvation Army Store, but Shoes are rare, Rare RARE.

    Note also how many are recording the Proceedings on the Latest Greatest iPhone or other Smart Phone. Did people bring their own Laptops to the “Protests”? Must have, there were some stolen. ( forum.occupyraleigh.net/index.php/topic,1682.0.html occupywallst.org/forum/thieves-at-ows/ ) Oh, the Sign, fairly representative of what was actually there (a surprising number of which were quite Professional in both Materials and Quality) ( www.thousandaire.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/occupy-wall-street.jpg )

    Understand their Viewpoints? Oh we do, held them ourselves before we grew up and became responsible for our own actions…


    More like: “Dope and “change””.


    So, because they were successful enough to afford good clothes and laptops, they can’t be taken seriously? I’m not sure I follow that metric. If they dressed poorly, they’d be bums. But they have spending capital, so somehow their political views are invalid?
    Also, Wall Street needs to change. Just ask all your parents who lost their pensions.

    Chet Manley

    Good clothes are cheap. Designer clothes are decadent.


    You heard it from Fink first. Socialism is bad, but designer clothes invalidate your opinions.

    Chet Manley

    If you claim to be against capitalism, yeah, designer clothes do invalidate your opinion.


    What are your thoughts on this? imgur.com/gallery/pQ4NCFA


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