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    A couple of points:

    (2) – Most SJW you’ll ever meet are middle-class white men. The primary reason they see racism and sexism everywhere is because they are racist/sexist themselves and they project their own inner bigotry unto everyone else. That’s why everything they see is bigoted and hateful (that’s what’s inside of their own minds).

    (8) – And beauty. A beautiful young woman will find all doors open for her…. until she turns 30….


    There’s a joke about cougars and “open doors” there, but I just can’t nail it.


    Middle class white men is the only demographic group which did not vote in the last two Presidential elections based on race or gender. White males embraced MLK’s message while it seems that almost all other groups have rejected it in exchange for entitlements from government and the privilege of accusing anyone they disagree with on any issue of being a racist.


    "Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."     — Mark Twain


    Don’t you hate it when you’re being all superior and pedantic and then you misspell a simple word like “leeching”(4)?

    Chet Manley



    IT must be so hard being you.


    not judge him, he identifies as a retard wanna be casemods. you dont know him

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