Karl Marx

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    What exactly do you mean by ended in failure? Communism allowed China and Russia to move away from being almost solely agrarian based economies to industrially based economies, same with Vietnam to a lesser extent. At the very least I would call it a useful stepping stone for advancing infrastructure. The only country where you might have a point is Cuba, but that’s only because the USA embargoed most of the trade to there, so it’s a really terrible example. Even then, their HDI is still pretty high, relatively close to the Western World’s, and they also had the added… Read more »


    Well….you could say that.

    If you completely ignore the progress Russia was making before they killed the Czar.

    Or if you completely ignore the progress China was making until the maoist china occurred. Yep. IF you ignore all history before the Commie takeover, you’re right.

    The western world well never copy Cuban farming plans. Co2 is a boggieman, and 3rd world farming could never feed a the modern population. Especially in non-tropical areas.

    Chet Manley

    “What exactly do you mean by ended in failure?”

    Let’s see, Soviet Russia collapsed, and China had to resort to Capitalism to survive.


    Why would you say it was Communism that allowed China and Russia to go to industrially based economies and not just the fact that industry was invented? We know societies that were not as red that did as much.

    Old Tofu

    so being a published author of both fiction and nonfiction books and being a journalist for multiple newspapers counts as “never held a job – any job”. typical disinformation , your argument is invalid. since no country ever fully embraced his ideas then you can’t actually blame him for the mislabeling and misapplication his theories.

    Chet Manley

    Really? You’ve never heard of Soviet Russia?

    Old Tofu

    and you haven’t read enough of his work to know that the government is supposed to dissolve over time as the society reaches maturity? didn’t think so.

    Chet Manley

    ^^^ no true Scotsman fallacy


    It’s really not.