Varsity Chest

Varsity Chest.jpg

I’m unable to find more picture of this heavy set woman and would like to see more of her for research purposes.

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    Chet Manley

    Well that guys right arm is now useless. Crushed beyond repair. Someone get a heavy front end loader to lift her off so paramedics can uncollapse his right lung. Maybe this will be a lesson to him to learn to control his drinking. He will have nightmares for the rest of his life.

    Chet Manley

    Here we are, Toyota to the rescue.



    Fat tits != tits


    But tits=fat+gland(s).
    It’s all about right proportions.


    I felt up a fat chick once (hey, we all have to start somewhere!). If she wasn’t fat, she’d have been about an A cup. They were the first breasts I’d ever felt up and they were a huge disappointment. Luckily the next pair I got to feel up were D cups on an average framed woman, and they were AWESOME! About the same mass of flesh as the fat chicks, but there was a firmness to them. I played with those so long she was sore the next day. Fat tits just aren’t the same as healthy tits.


    She may be unattractive to some of you, but he looks to be really happy with her. They look really happy together. Don’t judge guys, they could both be coming out of bad relationships, or they may have same same interests and hobbies. They could be really happy together for a long time. We should all be so lucky. How many of us have a psychotic ex in our backgrounds? They may be exactly what they are looking for or need.

    Sorry to go all deep, but really. Why are we being snarky just because she is a big girl?


    He looks to be really drunk. Not going to be happy in the morning.

    Chet Manley