you okay with that

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    What a guy that wants to ravage another guys ass, want with a girl ?


    Sounds like a first class dick-head.
    But I suppose that’s better than sitting in your parent’s basement playing video games….


    I pack. He spends his time at the gym, I spend mine at the range. People might be threatened by him, but not me. I don’t look threatened… until they start to approach room temperature.


    i dont like this.


    Everyone will know that the ONLY thing that can drive anyone to the insane levels of dedication it takes to make a body like this is the bottomless homoeroticism of looking at myself and other fit boys in the mirror all day at the gym. But I’ll try and fool myself by being hyper aggressive and macho about everything. Every. Fucking. Thing. The steroids will help.



    If a complete shithead like you could steal my girl just by flexing your gym rat muscles and threatening to beat me up, then she never loved me and you’re welcome to have her ass. She’s most likely cheating on me, and that means she’ll cheat on you. Keep the bitch, I’m okay with that. Window shopping ain’t buying, and my girl knows that you’re probably a dickhead. I’m okay with that. People laugh at me because I tell jokes. People laugh at you because your vocabulary doesn’t break quad digits. I inspire people to be unique and witty. I’m… Read more »