celebrities are idiots

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    Because looking at something and kicking it is totally the same thing.

    Not to say that hacking the phones and/or cloud storages of people isn’t wrong, but that false equivalent is epic fail.


    Both are violating another (their autonomy or their expectation of nonmalfeasance), and justifying it by the logic that it was bound to happen, and if they did not want it to happen they should have protected themselves better.

    The logic is not epic fail, but you attempt at sounding intelligent is.

    Chet Manley

    wistfuld, your attempt to equate something passive with something active IS an epic log fail.


    Equating something passive with something active is not necessarily invalid. Not preventing a death is passive, but it is often viewed to be, if not precisely equivalent, morally analogous to actively causing a death.


    “Because looking at something and kicking it is totally the same thing”

    Way to not understand the comic. It equates the original theft and distribution to the crotch kick, not looking at the pictures.


    Funny thing, they recently hacked Sony and posted thousands of private emails between the bosses. And the same people who regard the JLaw hack as the ultimate act of evil are heralding the Sony hackers as wonderful fighters for freedom and justice, after all, now we know a whole lot of embarrassing things about the Sony bosses (including the fact that they have no idea what to do with Spider-Man). That’s liberal “thinking” at its best: right and wrong are determined not by the action itself or the reasons behind the action, but by whom is affected by the action.… Read more »


    I’m not sure I’ve come across anyone referring to the Sony hackers as “wonderful fighters for freedom and justice”.
    But then I’ve only read a few news articles on it.

    Hey, they’re both invasions of privacy…whether they are exposing corruption in a multi-national corporation, or providing stroke material for basement dwellers.

    Neither one should be celebrated.


    How is this ‘liberal’ thinking? Does ‘liberal’ just mean ‘things I think are bad’ to you?

    Mark Antony

    Take your head out of your ass. Conservatives are just as willing and able to overlook shit if a liberal is the target. Or able to overlook shit when a fellow conservative is doing it (while screaming about it if a liberal is guilty of same).


    Agreed, How someone came to the conclusion that this was “liberal thinking” is hard to comprehend. Self serving justification is an equal opportunity human frivolity.