men hug


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    Can we keep the gay shit off of the main site please?


    Can we keep the homophobic shits off the main site please?


    Nothing homophobic about not wanting your gay shit in my face. You want to fuck dudes, go ahead. Keep it in your bedroom where it belongs.


    Don’t want to fuck dudes but happy to see tonns of it on this site just to piss you off you selfish, homophobic (see I said it again) hypocritical, childish asshat.

    This is not a male or streight only site, it is full of the most constant and sometimes stupid/sexist crap and wneh THIS pic comes up just like EVERY other NESFW you decide to pull out the “keep it in the bedroom” bullshit ON A PICTURE POSTING SITE!!!

    You sir, are a biggot and can piss right off.


    so cock can be all over the place as long as its straight? blaze indeed.

    THe fiDdler

    Yeah more please

    Kik Dogg

    more homo than ponies?