Gatchaman or Battle of the Planets (1978)

gatchaman_by_porksiomai-d6ioeio.png (1 MB)

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I watch that show sooooo much when i was a kid!

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    I re-watched the first episode a year or so back.
    Some things are best left as nice childhood memories. ;(


    at least gatchaman had something resembling a plot…GI Joe, Transformers, Centurians, 900 million other 80’s cartoons were pointless except where basically each episode was just to feature a different toy (which would be featured during the commercial break, guaranteed)

    Also…it is a lot better than it’s US-made counterpart “Silverhawks”…I swear, it was the same show, except everyone was cyborgs…

    tiki god

    there was a 2013 version?