Great Yard Sign

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    How thoughtful!


    How do I shoot neigbor? 🙂


    So if the neighbors get robbed and the offenders are caught, they’ll blame the ones with the sign and probably sue them. Because it’s the great U S of A!


    Not sure they’d have a case.


    Not sure if you read my closing argument. “The great U S of A!” Shit gets litigious real quick.


    Guns are are easier to find than cash or jewelry, and easier to fence than electronics. I’d rob the house with the guns while the owners aren’t home, or just kill them in their sleep first.


    nah, too much trouble…
    just shoot the gun owners when they walk past a window, locking up the house before leaving, mowing the lawn, laying out by the pool, back yard barbeque, picking up the mail or morning paper or loading the kids in the car.
    Makes things easier with the assurance they aren’t going to come home and catch you in the act.

    Then after the family is wiped out – go in and check out their arms collection and see if they were worth all the trouble and used ammo. USA! USA! USA!


    So, instead of being the good neighbours they claim to be and protecting the neighbourhood (which is the reason they need those guns, right?) they invite criminals to the homes of those with a different opinion. Smooth.

    Chet Manley

    Where do they make that claim?


    Dear criminals,

    Note that my neighbor claims to have guns. Guns are a lot more fun for your type than TVs. Easier to transport, and more useful in committing big heists. I’m fairly sure none of them are “smart” guns that require a special watch within range to fire, as my neighbor sends death threats to any gun store that thinks about selling them. If you rob him of all his guns, I promise not to see you doing so.

    PS: I have a machete and I’m not afraid to look an intruder in the eyes as I kill him.


    PPS: Also, I know all the hiding places and visual blind spots in my house. You do not. You will not see me coming.


    I’d put up a counter-sign something like
    “Dear criminals, It’s true i dislike guns, but I’d also like to point out my neighbor is a very successful businessman who in addition to owning guns, doesn’t trust banks with his money and likes to stay out late on saturday nights.”


    u mad bro 🙂