Current MCS Background

Current MCS Background.jpg

Are you seeing this as the background on the site? I changed it a few days ago, but noticed that it wasn’t showing on my laptop last night when I was on tagging posts.

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    well it is mcs, who taught some thing worked

    Dyon 86

    yea think so, hard to see as someone has put a load of pictures and text in front of it.


    RMB -> “Show background image”.

    As for your question tiki – yes I can see it.

    Dyon 86

    Have we banned humour here now???


    I know how much “computer illiterate”, people can be, so it’s safer to assume they are.
    My bad.

    Dyon 86

    Have we banned humour here now???

    Dyon 86

    …excuse the stutter


    The background works just fine, for smaller screens the gray center frame may work better with a little bit more transparency as it currently blocks a portion of the image from view.

    As busy as the image is it may be a touch distracting with a fully transparent frame so somewhere in the middle may be a good idea.


    yes, this picture is the current MCS background.


    It’s just me or anybody else notice the “X” right in the middle of the image ?¿