One is Banned

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    Uh just shut up already. Be a responsible adult and teach your kids about gun safety. What can and cannot do. Instead of passing 10 thousand laws to ban the guns away from responsible gun owner and no effects criminals.


    It’s a two-way street: Why can’t you just teach kids about chocolate egg safety instead of banning them?


    Good point.


    In Canada, the extremely politically powerful chocolate egg lobby has tirelessly fought to protect and uphold Canadians’ constitutional right to bear chocolate eggs with small toys inside.

    Dyon 86

    This isn’t funny, one of those chocolate eggs went off in my hand once, it was very messy!


    meanwhile in the states, there is a smuggling ring situated on the Canada/USA border that trades kinder eggs for Jolt Cola and caffeinated Mountain Dew.


    You can pry my chocolate egg from my cold dead hands!
    (at least it won’t be all melty then…..)


    Chocolate eggs don’t choke people.
    Choking chokes people.


    Both present a choking hazard, and should not be given to children without responsible adult supervision. I think responsible is the bit that we have a problem with. Maybe we need to add Kinder Eggs to a controlled consumables list? Sell then in Liquor stores, and Spencers? Don’t restrict my ability to enjoy mediocre chocolate and nifty toys because some Darwin award nominee may not realize the difference between chocolate and plastic.


    Since when are guns choking hazards?


    I was not as clear as intended. May contain small parts (i.e. ammunition).

    Dyon 86

    reminds me of Tokyo Gore Police


    I would love to know what jurisdiction this photo was taken. The list of criminal charges is pretty long. Since no responsible, educated adult is present, we have reckless endangerment of a child: The girl has her finger in the trigger, has clearly never been tought firearms safety, and a reasonable person could/would conclude she had no ability – lacking even basic knowledge to keep her finger off the trigger – to maintain muzzle awareness or clear a weapon that was handed to her. We have firearms on what appears to be a public school; a crime in every State… Read more »


    You’re presuming that that’s an actual working gun (and an actual working egg).