Young I was

Young I was.jpg

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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    Shit, guess I should’ve uploaded it, as soon as I saw it on 9.

    tiki god

    they watermark everything on their site, which I’ve refused to do for nearly 10 years, so ….no


    Tiki, please:
    1. You did watermark stuff when the header, referral was blocked, or something like that.
    2. Not everything.
    3. I can use image search engines.

    tiki god

    1 – no, never watermarked on the site, never ever. there was a time when Firefox was broken for some people, so they were getting watermarked images, but that was on them, not on MCS.

    2 – everything.

    3 – then please do?


    1. Yes, it was FF fault, that Opera inserted a horizontal MCS watermark on saved images.
    Plese tiki, shit me more.
    2. No, not everything because from time to time, some images (mostly .gif) slip through.
    3. I did, that’s why I have this image watermark free, although a little smaller.

    tiki god

    well there you go, it was opera doing it and not FF. if it’s happening locally on a computer on one browser and not another . . .

    If you’re not bringing the “Edit” back, how about the filesize thing ?

    tiki god

    what filesize thing?


    Tha filesize thing, that says max is 8 MB, you say it’s 60 MB, and in reality it’s probably that 8, or best case scenario, somewhere in between, but no one knows where.

    tiki god

    ok, there’s two different places that you, The User, could be referring to: (did say 4megs, now says 48)
    or (doesn’t tell you jack all, which is a damn shame, that’s where I had it set to 60)

    and then there’s the bit size vs byte size problem, but I think I fixed that.


    Second one of course, first one is “retarded”.
    I just gave it a try, with the same .gif as last time (56.8MB\58.203 kB), and it STILL DOESN’T FUCKING WORK, so I “guess” you didn’t fix that.

    Todo – hack it in to pieces from 8 MB to 55 MB, and try, try, n+1 again.


    10.2 MB/10.541 kB doesn’t work either, guess it is 8 MB.


    damm i miss gunface

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