Edge of Tomorrow

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    tiki god

    trailer made it look like Groundhog Day with aliens and guns.

    trailer turned out to be be giving the right impression, but that’s not a bad thing, this one actually turned out to be pretty damn good


    I agree, this is a really cool movie.


    I really enjoyed this movie. Much better than his last one, Oblivion. Supporting cast did a great job.

    tiki god

    Oblivion could have been so much more, but they seemed to play it safe.

    and confusing. god there were a lot of plot holes in that one.


    Kinda hard not to be in love with Emily Blunt….


    Hard to believe anyone doesn’t think Emily Blunt is sexy…
    Takes all kinds I guess.

    tiki god

    I didn’t find her all that attractive in this film to be honest.

    to be truthy though, she was a metal bitch, so there’s that