constitutional right to be a jerk

constitutional right to be a jerk.png

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    Like those NRA morons that decided they would walk into a coffee shop with visible rifles just because “liberals” or some such. If they get shot by another vigalante for justice and gun rights they can’t blame Obama for once.


    Oh, they’ll still blame Obama. Or Hillary. Or BENGHAZI! Or, marijuana. But they’ll never ever blame the guns. Guns are innocent until proven innocent.


    Here in my country ( Brasil ) it’s far better to decide in such situation. Here, we do not have the right to be a jerk with a gun. So, if you see someone with a gun on streets, it’ll be probably a Cop or a Bandit, and in both cases, if you are close enough of this person, you’ll get shot. That is because neither bandits nor the cops give a shit about you. Even if you are a good citizen. And to make thing far much better here, if you have a gun, and a bandit try to… Read more »


    On a serious note – well fuck!
    On a less serious note – stop making America sound less mental!

    tiki god

    you have bandits?


    No, they lynched the last one before the mundial.


    Some love being manipulated apparently?? A bit of a handjob for the impulse region of the brain? Has the picture on the right been cropped so as not to confuse the narrative? If he’s on his own farm property then there’s nothing to see here. If he has a rifle carried at the ready and not made safe (unloaded) in a residential area then he is likely in violation of local ordnances. IOW you don’t have to tell the diff. Call the cops and let them sort it out. Will a picture of Elliot Rodger driving a car in one… Read more »


    Of course they’re manipulating what you see. They’re going to put up an evocative image not a dossier 30cm thick which will put 95% of people to sleep by the end of the first paragraph. And they want you to believe their opinion.

    Watch and learn:




    What happens when “OPEN CARRY” meets “STAND YOUR GROUND”?


    I just wanted to test my registration. TEST!!!!!!


    The answer to the problem is simple: MOAR GUNZ!!!