Hiroshima vs detroit

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    But… But… I want mommy government to take care of me!!!!


    So the globalist free trade ideology has nothing to do with it….?
    A policy that has allowed corporations to freely move production to jurisdictions where labor costs pennies a day, and there are little or no environmental or worker safety laws…..with almost no penalties….
    The near complete decimation of the manufacturing sector has nothing to do with a govenment’s ability to raise funds to pay for infrastructure….?

    It’s all about the safety nets, huh….?

    OK then……


    So genius, why did that kill Hiroshima too? No, let’s face it, it’s all the parasites on welfare that killed Detroit.


    gropegrope can’t come up with a reply, just multiple downvotes using vpn. Maybe I should try that?


    And look at that. I merely suggest that I’m going to manipulate the votes to counter gropegrope’s manipulations and gropegrope goes apeshit and votes me down even further in anticipation. Ladies and Gentlemen, gropegrope lost the game.


    I just got home…..been out all night….
    Wow….you are one paranoid shithead manly.

    And your answer…..
    I have no idea what you’re talking about.
    American and Japanese trade policy are totally different….and as far as I know, Hiroshima is weather this particular economic crisis a fair bit better than Detroit….
    But I really don’t know….I don’t follow the Japanese economy very closely.

    Now go fuck off, asshole.


    You’re saying you had an alibi? Pathetic. And I see you voted up your original comment to 24 now. Check out that e-penis!


    You utter moron, you do know what Governments are for right?


    the industrial military complex has ruined detroit and many other places in the US. nobody here talking about “corporate welfare” which is far worse than money spent to help folks who lost jobs to foreign countries. get your head out of the sand. this is just why the plutocracy rules so effortlessly with stupid folks who listen and spread this garbage. america is the biggest shithole and it’s because it’s filled with hateful fear mongering brainwashed religious nutcases. “let’s watch nancy grace paranoid losers”. so just take your pills, watch corporate owned news and shut up and keep feeling just satisfied enough not to bother actually changing anything or getting away from your tv and actually thinking…



    socialism and its now sideshow brother in law ‘forced multiculturalism’ ruined Detroit just like it ruins everything where ever it slithers in. Like your current Washington ape, whatever his name is. Bukbuk? Brack? Berack? I dunno.
    The closet commie whose commie kenyan daddy dropped him off with hippie dumbshit mommy and went off to fight a war against sobriety and civilized behaviour.


    So how’s everybody doing down here? Making friends I see.


    Not a fair comparison. Japan has benefited, by and large, from the US having a direct interest in her economic well being. Detroit is a victim of failed socioeconomic experiments. There are plenty of thriving American cities which could have been used.

    I still like you though, tiki.



    So Japan benefited from the US. If only Detroit was part of the US. What’s that, it is? Oh, I guess that throws your argument out the window.


    Detroit is more a victim of failed policies that came from within, from Detroit government, not Washington.

    I’m not defending socialist ideals, I’m just pointing out that the situations are not really comparable.


    Not Not to rain on your flamewar, but one of the main reasons that Hiroshima is doing so well is that from 1945 to 1952 the United States pumped over one million unadjusted dollars *per day* into Japan in order to help rebuild Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since this money was never intended to be repaid to the United States it is therefore welfare.

    Kind of kills the whole “welfare is evil and always ruins the recipient” argument.

    Please resume your petty bickering. I find it fascinating.

    —Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it next semester.


    This is kind of the best.


    Already downvoted. I guess the truth is a bitter pill.


    Some people only recognize one form of welfare.


    Hey man. Hey. Do you know Japan has no defense budget? Do you know that money was pumped in not to rebuild Japan but to rebuild Japan providing they aligned with the USA and are in fact where most US naval bases are in the region?

    So…you wrong. Kind of blows your whole theory out of the water huh. Detroit is a waste pit. Japan got turned into an ally and then they got their money.

    You dumb, man. Hey.


    “Japan got turned into an ally and then they got their money.”
    Yes…..hence the term “welfare”……….




    So soldiers are welfare now? lol

    Do you have your extra stupid hat on today?


    Japan currently has the fifth largest defense budget in the world. Link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Self-Defense_Forces#Budget

    Smooth move, dumbass.


    Asshat it is the reason for the money sent. That IS why they sent it. You think it was welfare? They conquered and paid to rebuild an aly for military purposes in the region.
    Hence all the wars that were fought after and where the soldiers were stationed.
    “In 1976, then Prime Minister Miki Takeo announced defence spending should be maintained within 1% of Japan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP),[22] a ceiling that was observed until 1986.[23] As of 2005, Japan’s military budget was maintained at about 3% of the national budget; about half is spent on personnel costs, while the rest is for weapons programs, maintenance and operating costs.[24] As of 2013, Japan currently has the fifth largest defense budget in the world.”


    God you libsheep are FUCKING STUPID!!!


    U mad Bro?


    Intermad. Where caps says yelling. But no. Just amazed with the bullshitters.


    Or did my saying has and had confuse the shit out of your complex little pea sized fucking half of a brain? lol


    True it is hard to compare cities, let alone nations. But the truth is apparent. The income gap between rich and poor in the US has grown out of balance, and to a point of being unsustainable. We can just look how the elderly are treated in Japan compared with treatment in the US and you will know where a nation’s heart lies. Must also remember who suffered from the atomic bomb and who dropped it. Not saying Japan, like many other nations, are not guilt free from conducting atrocities on civilians either.

    With regards to welfare, we are a nation of racists that are obsessed with material wealth. As our country ages, we still battle the dark foundation of slavery but in modern form for decent treatment and wages in the workplace.

    I blame the system that has put people down, and propped up corporations instead. But I blame my fellow citizens that are blind. We rather get fat and stand in line for material possessions or recreational escape than stand up and fight for what is right. We live in a plutocracy with an illusion of freedom. I once was lost but now am found, Was blind, but now I see.


    a nation of racists?


    Democrat for life. Now post some more pictures of cute women in costumes please.

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