united states high speed rail system

united states high speed rail system.png

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    That would be awesome. Too bad I’ll probably never see it in my lifetime.


    Ticket to Ride?


    Don’t see it happening.
    Gotta have money for projects like this……


    I basically live exactly where it would come through Utah. I can promise you that it would never go through Utah like that…the environmentalists here in this area would chain themselves to every rock, tree, rabbit, snake, and cactus to keep this from happening. I mean, holy shit. We can’t even fix a road because it might disrupt the migration of the humpback chub fish.

    Dyon 86

    Thinking about touring (car) the west coast, been to San Francisco, Yosemite and the Big Sur area a couple of years ago. I wanna go north of SF this time but my wife want’s to go south, any advice from the locals?

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