same-sex marriage

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    “This is another thing that baffles me about people being opposed to gay marriage. Here these people are, they’ve found someone to say ‘yes’ to this totally insane thing, and then some other person’s going to be like, ‘No, its weird. I just- I just- I just think it’s weird.’ “It’s pretty much the only argument at this point, really. I don’t see how you can really be opposed to gay marriage at this point. Like you know you’re on the losing side. There’s no way it’s not going to go through. There’s no way. All the demographics that are… Read more »


    “Those who oppose gay marriage are so ridiculous, if two people love each other, who we they to stand in their way.”* * Offer not applicable if the “love” refers to a sibling or another direct blood relative, more than one person, anything from the “wrong” race (ie, not human race), a corpse, anyone who fits the local and completely arbitrary and irrational definition of “underage”, a fictional character, an inanimate object, etc, etc. Remember that it’s Adam and Eve, and maybe Adam and Steve or Adele and Eve, but any other possibility is completely evil, and against God, and… Read more »


    Wash, rinse, drown.


    I’m not sure who you think is trying to legislate to prevent love between people and fictional characters/inanimate objects.



    Mark Antony

    The funniest thing about this whole post? The stench of silent desperation it exudes, as if your raving, ludicrous, homophobic post will change the fact that you utterly lost the war against gay rights.

    The best thing you can hope for at this point? Your post being singled out in the future as an example of how retarded some people used to be.


    I agree about the picture, but the poster here is tiki, who is probably just trolling for page views.

    When people were actively disagreeing about feminism, the first pictures were by random people, but then the second wave were all by tiki. I suppose he could just be really bigoted, but I suspect his motives are more practical.

    tiki god

    yeah, I need to figure out how to change who posted it, cause there’s two ways that I post:
    1 – I found it and posted it live
    2 – It came in a queue somewhere, which is what happened here, need to revive the Tikibot account to do these, lol

    Mark Antony

    You’re quite right. I had the creator of the image in mind when making the comments, which is different from the poster.


    Perhaps I’ve lived in Europe far too long but when I look at this on-going drudge back in the states about homosexuals – it all just seems so silly and ridiculous at this point. So you don’t like two people of the same sex having sex or a form a sex that you don’t approve of… so what? People are to seek your approval for what sort of sex they can have in the future before partaking in it? Is this what you’re saying? All folks from now on must check in with your “moral” standings and compass before allowed… Read more »