If you need violence to enforce your ideas, your ideas are worthless

If you need violence to enforce your ideas, your ideas are worthless.png

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    Hearts and minds…


    Unfortunately most cultures that use violence claim they are defending their ideas, not enforcing them.


    Guess we should go back slavery and Nazism?


    This is one of the premises of libertarianism which is largely rejected by liberals, conservatives, and especially the extremes of the left and right.


    That’s because diplomacy and negotiation don’t work unless everyone involved is not evil /a douchebag/ dogmatic in any way.


    and what if my ideals are “You’re not gonna invade my country or my home?”


    Naïve to say the least, most successful revolutions which have lead to progress have come about through violence. Only the Indian Independence movement lead by Ghandi managed to pull of progress without enormous violence.
    Do you really believe that the forces of the establishment will not protect their positions with violence?


    The word “enforce” does imply the establishment or the status quo.
    “Enforce” is not generally a word associated with revolution or change.
    One “ennacts” change or “brings about” revolution.
    One doesn’t “enforce” revolution.

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