If politicians told the truth

If politicians told the truth.jpg

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    This was true in ’93, when the comic was made. Shortly thereafter, Newt Gingrich implemented the New Republican Party, relying on courting the votes of the worst of America, robbing the poor to give to the rich, and doing everything possible to make it illegal to be President if you are a Democrat.


    Sure, and of course, the Democrats are immaculate saints whose every thought is about making the universe a better place, filled with puppies and pretty flowers, where everyone will be happy for ever and ever and ever.

    And by the way, the “worst of America” would be those who make no meaningful contribution to society (aka, the Democrats’ voter base).

    tiki god

    There’s deadwood on both sides, from welfare queens in trailer parks to welfare queens in projects.


    “If politicians told the truth”
    The would speak no more.

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