Meanwhile in Scotland…

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    Interesting comparison.
    The Americans are using logs to train soldiers.
    The Russians are using logs to heat their homes (or build barns…hard to tell).
    The Scots are just throwing the logs as far as they can…….


    the caber toss is more than just throwing the log. to qualify in the caber toss, you have to throw the log so that it falls end over end, three times… if it falls end over end only twice, YOU FAIL.


    and when all is said and done the scottish accomplishment amounts to a thrown log


    historically, the caber toss was a war device… you stand on top of a hill with a bunch of cabers and toss them down the hill at your enemies.

    since the invention of firearms, the caber toss has lost some, but not all of its effectivity…


    The typical Scott.



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