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    Well, some would say atheist extremists go out and defeat believers in debates.

    Not that it’s hard or require explosives.


    But doesn’t your love for Jesus protect you?


    And their being-right-ness.

    Those go hand in hand.


    I think the saint-ship has sailed for me. I’ll leave the cuddling to you.


    but christians are never self righteous and smug? ha


    You can’t win a debate when one side thinks quotes from a magic book trump rational thought.


    But it’s the word of God! Written by dozens of different people hundreds of years after the fact then distorted by dodgy language translations.


    Yay! Simplification!


    stalinists were athiests
    twenty to thirty million dead


    Worshiping Stalin doesn’t make you an atheist.


    While Stalin was an athiest, he did not kill millions because of his beliefs or lack of. Contrast this with the Inquisition. The atrocities perpetrated were because of a doctrine held by the church, and the thoughts/actions of those deemed to be heretical. Christianity can be blamed in this instance, while in the examples above atheism cannot.

    Being lazy and paraphrasing from:




    Well, the basic difference may be that the Inquisition punished the negative attribute of NOT being a certain form of ‘religious’, while regimes propagating atheism as the way to go (the USSR, the PR of China, North Korea) punish the positive attribute of being ‘religious’.

    Also, I object to the preposterous claim that atheism equals critical thinking. 9 out of 10 atheists I’ve heard blathering about how stupid religious people are were completely unable of questioning the atheist mantras they read somewhere on the internet.


    On a side note, the famous line “nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” is wildly inaccurate. They actually gave people a months written notice.


    That’s actually cunning: That way, people had to live in panic of what would happen to them on the comfy chair or under the cushion. That’s living hell, friend.
    And you never new the exact time, just like with the plumber.


    More like for the atheists: Hey, lets build a huge, all powerful State complete with gulags, death camps, and exterminate millions of people we don’t like. Lather, rinse, repeat as this is the pattern atheists, Statists and leftists, all basically the same actions taken by those who believe that the State, not God is the highest power.


    But God doesn’t exist. Because logic.


    You think not believing in a bunch of silly superstition makes you a fascist? Just please don’t go killing anyone in the name of Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny or Allah or whatever…


    You have no idea what a leftist or statist is, apparently. You also seem to be alluding to the Nazis… no matter how often you repeat the propaganda, it doesn’t make Christians ‘atheists’, nor does it make extreme right-wing politics ‘leftist’.


    No, athiests just redirect all that spiritual energy to worship something else – climate change or socialism or Obama or themselves. Notice how they always need to bash christians? Its because they are in competition with them.


    What makes you think “spiritual energy” resides in every person? Not everyone is like you.


    Climate Change…..?
    So you are saying atheists are the only ones who believe 95% of the scientists and are willing to do something to prevent the only home we have from becoming uninhabitable….?
    I suppose working to fix real problems in the real world is a direct consequence of not believing in everlasting nirvana….


    don’t worry , they’ll pray about it


    Wow. Who really gives a damn. In the grand scheme of any of our lives who cares what other people choose to believe in. This crap has been dividing cultures for millennia. Why can’t we just live and let live?


    because those people vote and hold jobs that affect all of our society you narrow minded prick

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