sasha gray – nice necklace

sasha gray - nice necklace.jpg

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    She usually wears pearls.


    Oh, you can get a lot of diamonds for a few pearl necklaces…




    I know no one is going to believe this, so I don’t even know why I’m posting it, but…

    I did her.

    It was at a friend’s porn shoot. We had a few drinks, and she came back to my place. One thing led to another and, anyway, I’ve got pics on my old phone.


    Statistically speaking, your story is more than credible.
    The events you describe have a very high statistical probability….given the number of sexually active males in America plotted against the number of partners Ms. Gray has “done”….


    She’s a hag.


    There’s a point you eventually arrive at in life where part of your criteria for assessing a young woman is to ask yourself one or both of the the following questions:
    1. Would you like your daughter to be like her?
    2. Would you like your son to date her?

    Honestly…if I had a son, I would hope he didn’t even masturbate to her….
    The girl is a hag…where it counts.


    you replied to your own comment,your argument is invalid


    I replied to your thumbs down.
    And tell me my point is invalid when you have children of your own one day.
    A teenage girl who decides that is her career path has to be sadly lacking in any kind of support network, has some serious internal damage, or is just a very ugly soul.
    Something no caring parent ever wishes on their kids.

    But don’t let me interrupt your stroking to 50 guys chain fucking that young woman…..


    wasn’t my thumbs down,but thanks for reminding me. congratulations on being a judgmental prick though,after all just because you don’t like someone else’s choices (christians seldom do)doesn’t mean they’re wrong. I see a pretty girl that will or has already got enough money to retire on before she even reaches 30. any guy she winds up with will undoubtedly know about her past so he’ll probably have the confidence you lack to be in a relationship with a woman like her. but we all know if this was your son you’d be proud as piss if he slept with 50… Read more »


    So…you would like your daughter to be like her?
    Or you’d be happy for your son date her…..?

    And no….not a chance in hell I’d be proud of my son fucking 50 chicks.
    As for that make believe man in the sky….you do know he’s make-believe….right…?


    if they were happy and ok with it, why would I judge?


    There’s a point you eventually arrive at in life where part of your criteria for fapping to a young woman is to ask yourself one or both of the following questions:
    1. Is she good to look at?
    2. Would she be good to look at with a bag over her head?

    Honestly… if I had a bag, I wouldn’t even put it over her head…. This girl doesn’t need a bag…just a pounding.


    There’s a point in your life when you wonder “Why does my girlfriends breath smell like 10,000 dicks?


    It concerns me that you can identify that smell… 😉 😉