before and after the shutdown

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    Yeah, the government shutdown was fine.

    As long as you weren’t physically or mentally disabled or a veteran or homeless or living at or below poverty or a member of the working class during the one year that you would statistically spend reliant upon government services.

    But those poor people can fuck off and die anyway. This economy more than demonstrates that there’s clearly enough full-time jobs with reliable supportive benefits paying realistic living wages for everyone!

    Now, if we could just get the government could just stop taxing people, further accelerate the privatization of social service, allow even more corporate interests in politics, and get rid of the last of those pesky unions, then the “job creators” would be finally be free to competitively hire all of those disabled, undeserved, and systematically marginalized workers!

    Plus, we could by more of those fancy $80K rockets!


    Well, jackass, that’s why it said 98% and not 100%.


    considering that the unemployment rate is higher than 2% and the extra that were laid off during the shutdown, how does one come up with 98% ? o i see they pulled it out of their ass.


    I live near DC… I always say living in the DC Metro area and voting against Big Government is like living in Pittsburgh and voting against Steel.
    For the rest of the country, if you want to live in a country with a Federal Government “small enough to drown in a bathtub” I suggest you move to Haiti.


    You’re confusing the shutdown with the default. Shutting down the government for a few weeks does little more than create a backlog of work that has to be done when the workers finally do come back.

    Sure it wastes billions of $$$ but that’s what congress does best anyway.

    A default, on the other hand, would create a global financial instability that would damage economies worldwide for years.


    The elephant in the room is the fact that the US has been insolvent for many decades busy filling up the coffers of the rich and would be rich through the banks and corps that own the Government. When the ceiling is raised, all that happens is another mass of virtual funds gets creates to feed them and trickle onto the poor.


    In addition to the variety of government employees who were furloughed, social service programs which many people in poverty explicitly rely upon were halted, including Head Start schools and Food Stamps.

    While you’re right to notice that my response points to the larger benefits of government functioning, it is also true that the specific suspension of government services during the past month directly impacted the well-being of some of our most vulnerable people.


    So only 2% of Americans are out of work ?
    This must be from a Fox News Viewer….

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