Richard Nixon

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    never thought of the u s constitution as a sabretoothed tiger before but okay


    That’s Nixon, not Obama


    right cause if it were obama the sabretooth would be letting him ride bareback


    “letting him ride bareback” Is that a new euphemism for “assrape” that I wasn’t aware of?


    whatever gets you and your boyfriend through the night bro


    Every president from Lincoln on has been accused of trampling the Constitution by someone. It’s just politics, and if you think it isn’t you haven’t been paying attention.


    right except in the early seventies when we paid so much attention we found ourselves with enough bald faced evidence of constitutional transgression to threaten the fucker with impeachment and make him quit office like a bitch




    Actually, Nixon didn’t violate the Constitution, he alleged he had a right to and the Supreme Court told him he was wrong. He resigned which quashed Jaworski’s subpoena. Then Ford pardoned him.

    Not that he didn’t WANT to violate the Constitution, he just never got the chance.