Miley Cyrus vs Sasha Grey

Miley Cyrus vs Sasha Grey.jpg

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    Oh, Miley… you try so, SO hard to be sexy. And now, you are being compared to Sasha. How does it feel to be reduced to nothing, Miley?


    A turd can try to pass itself off as a cupcake all it wants, but in the end it’ll still be a turd covered in frosting.


    Seriously, you guys don’t have girl friends that have been to bachelorette or birthday parties with naughty cakes or chocolate dongs….?
    I don’t run with most exciting crowd around, and I’ve seen that shit.
    Pretty run of the mill stuff.
    But I’m pretty sure I don’t know any girls that have fucked 20 guys the same day…..


    You have friends that get Dick Cakes and don’t have sex?


    An amusing contrast all things considered (badaboom). Troubling however, is the ulcerated segment on Mileys cake.

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