Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the best way to get high

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    So true.


    My cell phone can’t load the video, what was his preferred method? (thanks!)


    Thanks! Glad to be on vacation, but missing my laptop!

    It makes sense. Lighting things on fire and inhaling the results will always have byproducts which aren’t going to get you high and likely aren’t healthy. Vaporization is a doctor’s response.


    Great, now they gonna ban my vaporizer because some pot head is going to vape weed out of it.


    actually not true. it may be slightly better for your health, but the best and most reliable effects still come from smoking. When you vaporize you are only inhaling the THC vapor. While THC is the active ingredient in Marijuana, there are about a dozen compounds that alter the high to make it smoother and more relaxing. When you roll it up and smoke it you get all the compounds; the whole shabang. Thats the way God intended it folks. Just my 2cents.

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