Welcome To Texas

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    This is true. This is Texas.


    Don’t they have more executions than any other state….?


    Indeed. For those of you out of the U.S., Texas is either– 1) the most bad-ass place in the universe or 2) the most over-compensating place in the universe. I am going to stay neutral on the issue since I’m just trying to inform, but let me say that this issue takes up entirely too much time in any U.S. political discussion where Texas is relevant.


    Hell, we’ll kill you back even if you haven’t killed anyone. We’re not all that concerned about the guilt/innocence thing.


    lived here all my life.

    are some things here fucked up?


    but the fact is, our crime rates are lower than a majority of the states up north. our economy is better than the majority of places in the WORLD, we have an interesting flora, fauna, climate…we lay legitimate claim to the best of rock, blues, metal and industrial techno music…we have some of the greatest food/eateries in the world…

    face it…if you come down here to Texas, you will have a slightly difficult time NOT finding what you want or are looking for.


    … unless you’re looking for an education for your kids.





    Despite the “tough guy” attitude, gun ownership in Texas is really rather average – 35.9%

    Comparable to Pennsylvania or Washington state.


    When you plot it on a chart, gun deaths in Texas are pretty much average, too-



    The Texas state flag is the large-print, easy-reader version of the American flag. Anything more complex and Texans get confused.

    /I mess with Texas whenever I damn well please
    //Texas has learned to like it