Michelangelo you mother fucker

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    tiki god

    I’m guessing there was something going on with the Red and Yellow Rangers?

    Also, how did this actually happen? It was my understanding that all the “Ranger” shots were from japan, and it was only the american teenager parts that were filmed in the US….were the TMNT big in Japan too?

    Doc Shadow

    I was also wondering how this shot came to be. Most American heroes get a lot of attention in Japan, there was a two story Spiderman on the Nagoya TV tower leading up to the release of one of the newish films while I was there. Also the combination of animals, ninja, and pizza are always rather popular over there so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was much more where this came from.


    There’s a live action japanese spiderman series too…he has a rocket car and a giant robot that turns into a leapord…because that has something to do with spiders…sure.


    The costumes were sent over in the mail for someone else to wear.

    tiki god


    and did they air the TMNT bit on Japanese TV? that’s what’s getting me, I really can’t see anyone else but Americans getting excited about teenage mutants eating pizza.


    The Japanese original came first, the suits were sent to America after it finished filming. Japan hasn’t seen most of the Power Ranger series, it’s only recently they’ve started bringing over the more recent ones and dubbing them, but this one hasn’t been dubbed, and never appeared in Japan.


    Ninja Turtles were actually big in Japan for a while…which lead to the creation of this atrocity:

    Nguyen Nguyen

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