Black and White

cities055.sJPG_950_2000_0_75_0_50_50.sJPG_.jpg (159 KB)

cities057.sJPG_950_2000_0_75_0_50_50.sJPG_.jpg (124 KB)

cities061.sJPG_950_2000_0_75_0_50_50.sJPG_.jpg (66 KB)

cities064.sJPG_950_2000_0_75_0_50_50.sJPG_.jpg (71 KB)

cities074.sJPG_950_2000_0_75_0_50_50.sJPG_.jpg (65 KB)

I have no idea where I found these, I have had them saved for many years. Any of you recognize and know their origins?

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    Beautiful but not B&W anymore, now RGB.