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    Due to poor orders demand Microsoft have changed things on their Xbox One.. You will be able to game offline for one. The lending,selling and used games restrictions have also been scrapped. We owe it to Sony and ourselves to buy the PS4 if buying a machine as we know what Microsoft’s plan is if they manage to kill off the playstation.

    tiki god

    the main problem is still there though, the “always watching” kinect cameras.


    THIS! I wonder if Windows 9 will require an always on spy cam?

    Had an Xbone pre-ordered. Canceled that the night the PS4 was announced.


    So you cancelled a preorder that wasn’t available before the PS4 had their conference pre-xbone conference?


    This actually isn’t true, you can turn them off in settings. Like the last time this image was posted, it’s mostly wrong, and the PS4 needs a giant * next to it that reads “* sony wont do this, but the publisher still will”

    tiki god

    that’s a software fix though, and it can be overridden at any time by anyone that decides it needs to be on.

    There’s plenty of script kiddies out there doing that with computer’s webcams, why would it be any different with xbox cameras?

    Dyon 86

    XBox180, codename U-Turn.

    They are still watching you however!




    Still waiting on a reason to buy either.


    Currently own a 360. Will not be buying any more microsoft consoles in the future. PC gaming ftw.


    Micro$oft want =s to spy on me, and they want me to pay them for the privilege… not gonna happen.


    The Kinect is only “always on” for voice command. People wanted to tell their Xbox to turn on. That requires some level of “always on.” It’s not like it’s constantly streaming video of your living room to Microsoft. Chill on the hyperbole punch. The “must check in every 24 hours” bit was the only bit I hated. Everything else, not all that different from Steam. Hell, the Family Sharing bit looked pretty awesome. Like a legal version of what people were using the PS3’s “access your library from any console” for (yes, you PS3bros with your EULA-violating “game-sharing” is what… Read more »


    The microphone is always on? That’s ‘much’ better. Now they can have the camera kick on when they hear the proper trigger words, and the NSA can save time. Yes, they can turn on the cam remotely, and it could be anyone, like a hacker who does it. Microsoft has been using DRM way before xbox existed. They’ve used registry keys for decades and took it a step further with internet verification in the late 90’s. Window’s 95 ring a bell? They’ve always tried to limit how many people could use their software. They also tried the same thing with… Read more »


    The funny thing about Steam is, my computer runs Steam and also runs other things other than Steam. And was cheaper than a brand new Xbox.

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