Taken III

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    I’m such an old Dragon Ball fan that I still remember when Krillin was supposed to be Goku’s rival. And when Yamcha was reasonably expected to win a fight against an opponent stronger than a sick kitten.


    hell…remember when Puar actually did stuff? …like turn into weapons for Yamcha, and was technically the only one to have ever beaten a Saiyan in the giant ape form by turning into scissors and lopping off Goku’s tail.


    I guess that’s true…since ChiChi’s dad is a bull demon so she’s disqualified from the “Human” category…DragonBall was messed up…there were only like…10 baseline humans in the entire world, 11 if you count that cyborg gangster guy.
    …actually…why did she quit fighting? She was accidentally destroying cities with that boomerang hat when she was a kid…and then she somehow became “Innocent bystander #7” in DBZ.