hashbrown bread

hashbrown bread.png

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    that must have been some goooood shit


    Guys like that, makes my ashame of being the same gender\sex.


    Because they can’t tell the difference between hash browns and bread?


    Because they’re:


    do hash browns have some magical ability to change the melting point of cheese?


    That’s the question I had about this


    really? ya’ll can’t figure out he’s mistaking the hashbrowns for the cheese, same shape , same color. the magic was in the mushrooms,everybody knows that


    after a bit of googling I jumped on the net and did a search. I have now discovered that Aussie hash browns (mostly found at mcdonalds) look like small blobs of potato pressed into a cake with a bread-crumb coating. I have never seen a hash brown made of grated potato, thus resembling grated cheese. Hence, upon looking at this picture, I assumed the cheese was cheese, but the bread was a hash-brown cake with excessive bread-crumbing. My apologies for being from another country. I have learned the error of my ways and will now reform my life by moving to US where I grow as big as a whale on a diet comprised mostly of high fat / low nutrition grease-soaked gigantically portioned lard…


    You should’ve used Wikipedia instead – more info, less buthurt.


    why wouldn’t the hash-browns look like thin strips? THEY’RE HASHED! The thing you are calling hash-browns sounds like fried mashed potatoes…(also…never base your idea of what food should look like based off of what you find at mcdonalds…)


    Ever noticed how cheese you grate yourself clumps together but the bagged pre-grated cheese doesn’t? That’s because they coat the pre-grated cheese in wood pulp.



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